A Memorable Wedding Experience

We reserve this space for our wedded couples who may want to share their stories on how they committed to marry each other in exchanging "I do's" in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. Throw in a picture or two including a write up and we will publish your story for others to read and be inspired. Let this be your way of expressing your love. Email us your story and we will share it online.

Other details:
1. A photo of both bride and groom together.
2. Date when you were married at Chapel on the Hill.
3. Officiating Priest.
4. Best advice you can give couples getting married.

October 19, 2010

Jojo and Myra Wedding

Pretty pretty wedding, I utterly loveth thee! For a hundred reasons, but here's a few�for your ravishingly elegant gown and that charming and laid back set-up and the green gorgeousness all around. There are days that I could go on and on about these beautiful things.

Photo Credits: Nelwin Uy