From the Rector's Desk

    The thoughts for this "inaugural message" of mine first came to me at a very fitting time. We (the Salesians and staff of Don Bosco Batulao) were out for a break last June 26, 2017, in our beach house in Lian, Batangas. That week we actually had no retreatants, and so we were able to do several things: carry out some routine maintenance checks in our buildings, prepare for our transfer to our new rectory, and have precisely a timely break for some moments of relaxation and bonding. We all need these, after all.

    Notice that I used the word staff in the paragraph above to refer to our collaborators (employees, workers) in the management and operation of our retreat house and ministry. Surely we all know the newer and better term for it: lay mission partners. Yes -- they are our partners and collaborators in the mission of saving souls: that's Don Bosco's original mission actually, a "business," as it were. Certainly not just to run or operate a retreat house -- although also that has nowadays become a veritable industry as well, not so much different from running a hotel or a restaurant (complete with competition!). It's really no other than "soul-biz." This is the noble, God-appointed ministry of the salvation of the souls -- those of the young, primarily. For sure the retreat ministry goes a long way in this important endeavor.     And so in this wonderful venture of ours, we all strive to collaborate and cooperate -- with God, first and foremost, and with one another. We look forward to a fruitful and fertile undertaking. As Don Bosco's great motto captures it, "Give me souls, take away the rest." And of course we also have the motto of Don Bosco Batulao, "Do whatever He tells you." That's Mary, of course, instructing us her children, to be obedient and docile to the urgings of her Son Jesus Christ. May these sayings serve as our guide and inspiration in all that we do.

Mabuhay, and may God bless us all!