Recollections and Retreats

Group and Individual Retreats / Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreat

A place for retreats, recollections and other spiritual experiences with priests as facilitators, confessors, counsellors and spiritual directors.

Each individual or group that goes on a spiritual journey is unique and special. We offer modules to suit the particular needs of the requesting group.

Like Jesus, we also find a quiet place to pray and in order to renew our spirit.
cf. Luke 5:16
Be still and wait for the Lord.


  • Please confer with our front desk for recollections that is being offered specially during the Christmas and Lenten Seasons.

  • Company / Office Recollections

  • Walk-in Recollections


  • Individual Silent Directed Retreat
    Fr. Renato Molina SDB, Fr. Philip Lazatin SDB

  • Couple Retreat
    Fr. Jesus Richie Santos SDB

  • Group Retreats

For Reservations