Don Bosco Retreat House

Group and Individual Retreats / Spiritual Direction and Directed Retreat

A place for retreats, recollections and other spiritual experiences with priests as facilitators, confessors, counsellors and spiritual directors.

Main Lobby

The airy, spacious lobby with its trellised skylight, lush greenery, soothing fountain and relaxed seating provide a warm welcome to all visitors.

The image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus greets all visitors upon entrance to the main lobby.

The main chapel is where masses and recollections are preached for the reatreatants

Chapel on the Hill

The Chapel on the Hill is dedicated to the adolescent Jesus and the young saints.

It is a sanctuary that houses a labyrinth floor for spiritual travelers sojourning on a holy quest.

The silence brings peacefullness in the heart communing with God.

Savio Hall

The multi-level structure accomadates big groups for religious activities like recollections and retreats..

The Savio Hall is composed of two large dormitories and four rooms that can house together 70 persons.

It has ample lounging facilities and a large multi-media conference hall.

Utmost silence and strict adherence to dormitory rules and regulations is highly encouraged.

The Rooms

The Retreat House provides a cozy and well kept rooms, each with a bathroom and a panoramic view that serve as a home during the spiritual journey..

There are pocket gardens and landscaped courtyards and paths are conducive for that pilgrimage to the inner peace.

Moments of silence is observed during the duration of the whole retreat in respect to other retreatants even inside the room.

Facilities and Amenities

  • 50 Single Rooms with private bath
  • 2 Dormitories for 70 people with shower room
  • Multi-media Room
  • Conference halls
  • Dining Hall
  • Big Chapel
  • Community Chapel
  • Prayer Room
  • Library
  • Hermitage Meditation Camp
  • Hillside Station of the Cross
  • Holy Family Garden
  • Fatima Trellis
  • St. Joseph Garden
  • Jubilee Garden


  • Dormitory No. 1
    � Single bed
    � 30 pax occupancy
       with  its own shower
       and bathrooms.
    � 30 pax
  • Dormitory No. 2
    � Double Deck bed
    � 6 pax  occupancy with   
      its own shower and    
    � 6 pax
  • Rooms No 1 and 2  
    � Double  Deck Bed with � 4 pax  occupancy each  
      with its  own shower
     and bathrooms (shared)              � 8 pax
  • Rooms No. 3 and 4  Double  deck bed with 8 pax  occupancy each with its  own shower and bathrooms  (shared).          16 pax

  • TOTAL OCCUPANCY      70 pax

    For Reservations