Wedding Application and other Documents

Listed below are the basic requirements for most churches, but remember to check with specific parishes since requirements can vary.
Do note that these requirements have to be turned over or accomplished a month before the wedding.

� Baptismal and confirmation certificates of both parties, with the annotation "For Marriage Purposes Only", and issued within the past three months.

� Marriage license from the LCR of the city/municipality of either of the contracting parties;

� A canonical interview with the parish priest or his duly authorized representative;

� Certificate of attendance in a marriage preparation seminar (also called "pre-Cana seminar");

� Ecclesiastical or marriage banns, which are posted in the respective parishes of both parties for at least three consecutive Sundays or weeks prior to their wedding date;

� Permit from the bride-to-be's parish, to be submitted to the parish office of the church where the wedding will take place; and

� The names and addresses of the wedding sponsors.